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Droit pénal des mineurs

Droit pénal des mineurs

Criminal law for minors:

I). — Criminal law for minors definition:  

(Criminal law of minors)

concerns the set of rules of law specific to these persons. This set of rules of law allows

to punish minors in the event of an offense but also in the event of a criminal act

or possible dangerous state. Minors correspond to people who have not yet

reached the age of majority.

The minor is now perceived as a full-fledged human being and not as a reduced adult.

it is therefore a special right and applies in priority. Criminal law for minors punishes but there are

also a duality for the minor whether he is the perpetrator or the victim of an offence.

Crime today is ever more violent and concerns younger and younger children.

II). — The minor, victim of an offense

(Criminal law of minors)

      HAS). — The family situation of the minor:

1). — First of all, attacks on the exercise of parental authority:

                 non-representation of children ,

                 child subtraction

2). — And then,

Affiliation violations :

                provocation to abandon ,

substitution or _

hiding child.

      B). — The personal situation of the minor:

1). — First, The rejection of the child:

**   the abandonment of a minor ( Article 227-1 of the Penal Code ),

**   child abandonment (  Penal Code – Article 227-3 )

2). — Then,

                  The endangerment of the minor: 

                   damage to health,

                   violation of morality.

3). — Next, Violence against children :

physical violence,

sexual violence (attacks, for sexual assault and rape, the age of the minor is an aggravating circumstance).

III). — The minor, author of an offense

1). —   The judicial police and the observation of offenses

2). —   The prosecution and the choice of criminal response

3). —   The instruction phase:

                 the children’s judge

                 and the Judicial Protection of Youth (PJJ).

4). —   The judgment phase

5). —   Measures and sanctions applicable to minors

6). —   Penalties applicable to minors .

IV). — Contact a lawyer (Juvenile Criminal Law)

For your defense:

reception of a minor victim
Legal aid for a minor victim first, (Criminal law for minors)
assistance lawyer for a minor victim
lawyer legal aid for a minor second, (Criminal law for minors)
lawyer touching a minor
opinion for a minor victim thirdly, (Criminal law for minors)
lawyer hearing minor
lawyer assigned to the office minor first,
parental authorization for minor image rights
lawyer corruption of minor then,
lawyer for minors
authorization right image minor then,
lawyer right minor
lawyer of a minor also, (Criminal law of the minors)
hearing minor victim without parent
lawyer and minor also,

minor lawyer

audition mineur victime gendarmerie                           de même,
avocat mineur 93
avocat mineur 93                                                                et aussi,
audition mineur victime filmée
avocat mineur aide juridictionnelle                               et puis,
avocat mineur assistance éducative
audition mineur avocat obligatoire                               et ensuite,
avocat mineur audition libre
avocat mineur Bobigny                                                    ainsi,
attestation de droit pour mineur
avocat mineur délinquant                                              encore,
avocat mineur en garde à vue
droit à l’image mineur France                                      davantage encore,
avocat mineur étude
avocat mineur garde à vue                                           par ailleurs, (Droit pénal des mineurs)
droit à l’image mineur formulaire
avocat mineur gratuit                                                   enfin, (Droit pénal des mineurs)

avocat mineur obligatoire

droit à l’image mineur autorisation
avocat mineur pénal
avocat mineur victime
droit à l’image mineur
avocat obligatoire mineur audition libre
avocat obligatoire mineur garde à vue
discernement mineur droit pénal
avocat obligatoire mineur victime
avocat pour mineur
demande d’avocat pour mineur
avocat pour mineur 92
avocat pour mineur 95
convention d’honoraires avocat mineur
avocat pour mineur délinquant
avocat pour mineur étranger
conduire sans permis sanction mineur
confrontation mineur victime

avocat pour mineur étude

lawyer for minors free paris firstly, (criminal law for minors)
criminal composition minor lawyer compulsory
lawyer for minors profession secondly, (criminal law for minors)
lawyer for minors Onisep
how to become a lawyer for minors thirdly, (criminal law for minors)
lawyer for minors paris
lawyer for minor salary first,
transfer right image minor
lawyer for minor Val d’Oise then,
lawyer for minor Versailles
practical case law major minor then,
lawyer for a minor victim
lawyer for a minor Yvelines also,
having minor social security rights
lawyer for a minor also, (Criminal law for minors)
specialized minor lawyer
right to the image minor model of the same,

image rights minor separated parents

syllogism right major minor thus,
right to the image minor
right to oblivion minor and then,
sanctions on minor
right apprentice minor and also,
right asylum minor
sanction theft store minor and then,
sanction minor theft
right to the lease minor elsewhere,
right to lease for minors
sanction sale of alcohol underage again,
sanction sale of tobacco underage
right to unemployment as a minor even more,
right to a minor account
sanction for minor work finally,
sanction for minor identity theft
right to a minor
right to a minor lawyer

penalty for driving without a minor’s license

sanction drug trafficking minor
law minor pregnant caf law minor
sanction for a minor
sanction for a minor
right minor civil law minor
sanction for assault on a minor
sanction for mistreatment of a minor
right of circulation minor foreigner
right to smoke minor
criminal sanction for minor theft
sanction penal on minor
right of custody minor
right of charged minor minor
sanction minor driving

minor sanction without license

minor’s right minor
‘s right in France minor’s
sanction under 13
minor’s sanction for theft
foreign minor’s right in France
inheritance right minor’s heir minor
‘s sanction of 16-year-old
minor’s sanction of minor’s 16-year-old
‘s inheritance right for minor
work right for minor
find a lawyer for a minor
burglary minor sanction
right to work minor
right to guardianship minor minor
sanction minor
image rights divorced parents

minor driving penalty

droit de visite mineur
droit de vote mineur
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sanction éducative mineur délinquant
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droit des mineurs en France
sanction disciplinaire pour mineur
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droit des mineur étranger en France

droit des mineur face à la police
sanction contre mineur
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droit des mineur sans papier
droit du lycéen mineur
sanction conduite mineur
sanction consommation alcool mineur
droit du mineur de 16 ans
droit du mineur émancipé
sanction apprenti mineur
sanction bagarre mineur
droit du mineur en garde à vue
droit du mineur hospitalisé
sanction administrative communale mineur
sanction alcool mineur
droit du mineur sous tutelle

droit du patient mineur hospitalisé

sanction administrative communale mineur
sanction alcool mineur
droit du patient mineur hospitalisé en psychiatrie
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plainte mineur victime
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droit du travail mineur étranger
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mineur victime d’une infraction
nouveau droit mineur
droit d’un mineur
droit d’un mineur de 16 ans
mineur victime avocat obligatoire
mineur victime constitution de partie civile
droit d’un mineur de 17 ans
droit d’un mineur émancipé

mineur victime audition filmée

minor victim lawyer firstly, (Criminal law of minors)
right of a minor in France
right of a minor in police custody secondly, (Criminal law of minors)
minor victim hearing
right of a foreign minor in France thirdly, (Right criminal law for minors)
right of a pregnant
minor minor victim legal aid first,
right and minor
right image minor then,
minor victim
real estate law minor then,
right interrogation minor
minor license right also,
right to housing a minor
right to manifestation of a minor also,
minor runaway right to the same,

underage marriage law

minor law also, (Criminal law for minors)
minor and criminal
law minor law 15 years even more,
minor law 16 years
minor and labor law finally, (Criminal law for minors)
minor law 17 years
minor law minor association
and right to image
right minor hearing free
right minor bank
minor right to work
right minor emancipated
right minor pregnant
minor right to the account
right foreign minor
right foreign minor France

minor entitled to unemployment

minor’s law police custody minor ‘s
law hospitalized
minor’s victim’s minor’s
law internet
minor’s law isolated
minor minor’s lawyer assigned
minor’s law isolated foreign minor’s
law minor’s major
master’s law minor
‘s law minor’s law in question
minor’s law indicted
license minor ‘s
law health minor’s law no accompanied
minor law SCI
the minor victim in criminal
law minor orphan law

minor patient right

the minor victim
minor criminal
law minor criminal law offender
incapacity minor civil
law minor criminal law France
rights for minors
police custody lawyer minors
rights for minors who are pregnant
rights for minors employed minors
form minor image
rights specific rights of minors retained
minor succession law minor
registration victim
labor law minor




first of all,











first of all,









first of all,










labor law minor 16 years old

of the firm Aci will effectively ensure your defense.

It is up to you to take the initiative by calling him on the phone

(Tel 0142715105), or by sending an email. (contact@cabinetaci.com)

Whatever your situation: victim or offender,

our lawyers accompany you and ensure your defense

during the investigation phase (police custody); of instruction (investigating judge,

chamber of instruction); before the trial chamber

and finally, during the judicial phase (after the trial,

with the prison administration, for example).

V). — The fields of activity of the firm Aci 

(Criminal law of minors)

Parisian criminal law firm

First, Address: 55, rue de Turbigo
75003 PARIS
Then, Tel:
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Commitment, E-mail: contact@cabinetaci.com
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